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Reshaping Teeth Mt Gravatt


The shape of our teeth can have a direct impact on our aesthetic appearance

You don’t have control over the shape of your natural teeth and sometimes one tooth is dramatically smaller than the other, one is misshapen or has a large gap.

Sometimes you can reshape teeth by simple veneers, other times you may need a more intrusive solution like dental implants. Implants may be needed if the foundations of your teeth aren’t stable enough to build up on. . However, another effective option is tooth reshaping.

What is tooth reshaping?

Tooth reshaping, also called dental contouring, is a dental technique that improves the length, shape and even the texture of your teeth. This technique is generally used in tandem with dental bonding, which uses composite resin to reshape your teeth, fill in gaps, and fix minor cracks and discolouration.

How will we reshape your teeth at Trembath Dental?

Dr Trembath will first take X-rays of your teeth to determine where exactly the tooth pulp is located, and to establish how much of pulp is contained within the tooth that is to be reshaped. This is important because the pulp contains the nerve endings of your tooth. If the enamel is too thin or too closely located to the surface of your tooth, tooth reshaping will not be advisable. Dr Trembath will recommend a more suitable option.

If Dr Trembath decides that you’re a good candidate for tooth reshaping, he will remove a small amount of enamel from your tooth with a drill or laser. He will then reshape your tooth to correct any minor cosmetic issues, after which your tooth will be polished, giving it a smooth texture and shine.

What kind of dental issues can be corrected with tooth reshaping?

Tooth reshaping can be used to:

  1. Fix minor chips in your teeth;
  2. Smooth out pits in the enamel of your teeth, giving you a more evened-out texture;
  3. Minorly adjust uneven teeth to make them appear straighter;
  4. Effect slight adjustments to your canines, allowing them to be on the same level as other teeth.

What are the advantages of tooth reshaping?

  • Quick procedure that offers instant results;
  • The procedure is painless,
  • Could be an alternative treatment to braces in some instances where there are minor cosmetic issues that need correcting;
  • Cheaper than other procedures used in cosmetic dentistry;
  • Doesn’t require follow-up appointments.

How can I reshape my teeth?

Every smile we treat in Mt Gravatt is different. It’s important you come in for a personalised appointment so we can discuss your large range of tooth reshaping options.

After we have thoroughly assessed your oral health and hygiene, we offer you these innovative tooth reshaping options:

You may only need one of these treatments, a mix of these treatments or an entire Smile Makeover to transform the appearance of your teeth and smile.

To book in a comprehensive consultation with one of our experienced team members, contact us today.


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