Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth-coloured fillings let you maintain your beautiful white smile

Dentistry has started to look at nature for inspiration to create more natural looking and feeling dental restorations. Tooth coloured fillings mimic the surface of the tooth in texture, function and colour.

If you require a filling, Dr Trembath will match the tooth colour filling material to your existing teeth using the latest tooth coloured filling materials. The benefits of these materials are they set quicker, and stronger and are stain resistant, giving you a smile that is easier to maintain.

Dr Paul Trembath will ensure you know:

  • What are tooth coloured fillings?
  • Are you a candidate for tooth coloured fillings?
  • How long do tooth coloured fillings last?
  • Is mercury still used in fillings?

One of the reasons you may need a filling is if your tooth becomes cracked. Dr Paul Trembath talks a little about what will happen if your tooth is cracked:



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At a Glance

What are dental fillings for?

A dental filling is dental restoration that is used to repair minor damage to a tooth like fractures, decay and damaged surfaces. After decay is scraped away from your tooth’s surface, the empty space is filled with a composite resin material that offers a natural look.

Does a dental filling hurt?

When you receive a tooth coloured filling, you are unlikely to feel any pain. Generally, a filling doesn’t happen in areas of the tooth where there are nerves. No nerves, means no pain receptors. Some patients do require deeper fillings, so Dr Trembath will use anaesthetics to numb your mouth during the quick procedure.

Can dental fillings fall out?

Fillings are strong and durable, but sometimes in rare cases, fillings can fall out. For fillings to fall out, often there has to be severe decay in the tooth that would cause the filling to fall out. A simple visit to Trembath Dental can fix a tooth that is missing a dental filling.

Case Studies

You can now invisibly repair and protect damaged teeth or replace unattractive metallic fillings.
Tooth coloured fillings mimic the look, feel and function of your natural teeth

By using safe and predictable materials like composite resins and porcelains, dentists are able to create a potion of a tooth that will respond as a healthy tooth would.

Gone are the days where out-dated, and sometimes dangerous mercury filled fillings were used to fill our teeth. Tooth coloured fillings are not only limited to new restorations, they can also help older repairs look natural.

Am I a candidate for tooth coloured fillings?

You may be a candidate for tooth coloured fillings if:

  • Have minor damage to your teeth
  • Have out dated amalgam fillings
  • Have deep cavities or a decayed tooth
  • Your tooth roots are exposed

These tooth coloured fillings are stronger and more durable than traditional amalgam fillings. They use a superior bone to seal the tooth and protect it from bacteria and decay.

Trembath Dental use the latest, fastest acting pain management options to ensure every treatment is as pain-free as possible.

How long do dental fillings last?

Tooth coloured fillings are both strong and durable, but they won’t last forever. The materials used in tooth coloured fillings have a life span of 7 years right up to 15 years. However, this depends on how well the restorations are taken care of.

These restorations typically require less drilling, which means a lot more of your healthy tooth can be kept. They are an incredibly strong, aesthetically pleasing and successful treatment for most cavities.

Is mercury still used in dental fillings?

Trembath Dental does not use fillings that contain mercury. While there is still an ongoing debate on whether mercury fillings are safe or not, there is evidence to suggest tooth-coloured fillings are a healthier option.

Amalgam metal fillings that contained mercury were used successfully in dentistry for over 150 years. Amalgam is a combination of different metals like silver and mercury.

Mercury fillings:

  • Mercury can stain your teeth
  • Decay can form underneath the mercery filling
  • Mercury fillings can expand and contract with different temperatures. This expansion can cause your teeth to crack.
  • Mercury fillings require a lot more healthy tooth structure to be removed compared to tooth coloured fillings.

Recent dental technology has created newer, safer materials that are biocompatible with the human body. Amalgam fillings are used less than in the past, but are still used in some situations as some patients aren’t suitable for tooth coloured fillings.

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