Periodontal Disease Assessment

Periodontal Disease Assessment Mt Gravatt



Your periodontal area is located around your teeth, and periodontitis, is a common gum disease that begins as gingivitis

Periodontitis is as result of multiplication of bacteria in the mouth. Having swollen or bleeding gums is early signs that bacteria are harbouring and infecting your gums. Bad Breath may also be an indicator.

If left untreated the infection can spread and destroy the structures that support your teeth like the bones in your jaw. Eventually, your teeth may have to be taken out.


A full periodontal assessment will be taken at Trembath Dental, and if your gums are unhealthy they may be a little uncomfortable and tender. We will use products to assist with the comfort of this procedure such as numbing gels. If your gums begin to hurt or bleed that will provide a basis on what stage your disease is at and we can assess what treatment we will undertake. In our examination we record which sites have bone loss and periodontal pockets (grooves that exist between the gums and teeth) which are two important factors to know about.


At Trembath Dental, we will perform a basic periodontal examination (BPE), also referred to as a chart of periodontal index of treatment need (CPITN). This exam provides guidance on how to proceed with treatment. During the exam, Dr Trembath will:

  1. Divide the mouth into 6 different areas;
  2. Use a periodontal probe to measure the depth of the periodontal pockets in those 6 areas: the periodontal probe is placed beside each tooth beneath the gums and provides a measurement based on how deep the probe reaches. The process is repeated for the remaining 5 segments of the mouth. If you your mouth is healthy, the periodontal pockets should only be around 1-3 millimetres deep;
  3. Tabulate a score based on the measurements: a score of 0 indicates that your mouth is in excellent condition.

Scores of 1 and 2 are fairly common and indicate that you don’t have gum disease but could do with slight improvements to your oral healthy regime.

A score of 3 indicates that you may have early gum disease,

If you have a score of 4, it means that the gum disease has caused attachment loss as a result of the severely receded gums. A score of 4 necessitates a full periodontal analysis which provides detailed information on the condition of your gums.


Dr Trembath will also use dental X-rays to help identify the presence of gum disease. The type of X-rays that may be used are:

  1. Bitewing X-rays: these X-rays indicate where there is bone loss and decay, as well as anything else that can impair cleaning;
  2. OPG X-rays: this type of dental X-ray shows the entire mouth, including the teeth, jaws and facial bones;
  3. Peri-Apical X-rays: in these X-rays, the entire tooth, right down to the supporting bone can be seen, and as such, can indicate how much of remaining bone is supporting a loose tooth.

In the case you do have gum disease, and you notice bleeding upon brushing. Do not avoid cleaning that area. It’s important to clean it regularly and seek the advice of a dental professional. If there has been any bone loss or permanent damage the team at Trembath Dental will provide you with products and a detailed hygiene routine to prevent this disease becoming worse.

For more information on periodontal disease assessments, or to book in your six-month check up and clean, contact the experienced team today.


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