Tooth Eruption Assessment

Tooth Eruption Assessment Mt Gravatt

Did you know a child is born with their 20 baby teeth already formed?

They just haven’t erupted yet!


Teething in children is the process when teeth emerge from the gums. The first teeth to erupt in children are known as primary teeth, milk teeth, or baby teeth. The age at which teething starts can vary, but the first teeth commonly start to erupt at around six to nine months old.


The full set of 20 primary teeth will have erupted by age three. The first primary teeth to erupt in children are usually the lower central incisors. Apart from helping children chew, pronounce words and speak, the primary teeth hold a place in the jaws until replaced by their permanent teeth in which the primary teeth then fall out.


As we continue to grow both our upper and lower jaw become bigger and we develop more teeth. As adults we will have a total of 32 permanent teeth, 16 in each jaw. The age permanent teeth usually erupt is around six or seven, when our first permanent molars come through. These are commonly known as the “six-year-old-molars”.

These six-year-old-molars help to determine the shape of a child’s lower face and can affect the position and health of the other teeth. Most children will have 28 of their permanent teeth by the time they turn 13 which include:

  • Four central incisors
  • Four lateral incisors
  • Four canines
  • Eight premolars
  • Eight molars


The team at Trembath Dental Mt Gravatt believe keeping your natural teeth for life is essential. Starting young can give children a better understanding of the importance of maintaining their oral health.

Regular dental visits and assessments play an essential role in maintaining good oral health. During these early years, it’s important for the dentist to assess the development of your child’s teeth and jaws and to assist with the correct brushing and flossing technique to ensure they get the most from their daily oral hygiene routine.  Early dental intervention, assessment and education can help your child stay cavity free, and minimise their risk of gum disease and long term dental problems.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s erupting teeth, teething or the health of their permanent teeth, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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