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Sports Mouthguards Mt Gravatt


Thousands of children of all ages play sport every day throughout Australia and many of these children play without a sports mouthguard

A collision to the face or jaws is an ever-present danger in sport, and to minimise this high risk of injury, it’s a good idea to wear a sports mouthguard.


A mouthguard is a thick, often spongy shield that fits over your teeth to protect your teeth, jaws and mouth from injury. Mouthguards can also help prevent or lessen the severity of concussions. Mouthguards come in different colours so you can choose one of preference.

Kids’ mouthguards need to be replaced regularly as the child grows and their dentition changes. If your child’s mouthguards become ill-fitting and begins to move around or they inform you that it’s uncomfortable, contact us at Trembath Dental for an assessment.


Over the counter or off the shelf mouthguards don’t offer the same protection as a properly fitted, dental grade, sport specific mouthguards and can sometime create problems instead of preventing them.

Here at Trembath Dental we use AirGard mouthguards. This laminated material is made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) which includes many small air cell cushions within the mouthguard. These air cells are designed to absorb a greater force than other mouthguard materials reducing the impact and injury severity. It has also been proven to prevent or reduce the impact of concussions.

For more information on custom-made sports mouthguards, contact the skilled team at Trembath Dental for a full assessment.


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