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Although dental enamel is strong, it cannot heal or repair itself, therefore severe injury, decay or damage to children’s teeth can affect them throughout adulthood

Restorative dentistry for children is an important aspect of dentistry here at Trembath Dental

Tooth decay, chips or fractures and cracks will require professional treatment by a dentist. If these issues aren’t treated, the damage will inevitably become worse. At Trembath Dental we believe that prevention is far better than a cure, especially for children. Treating dental issues early can minimise the need for more invasive and expensive treatments later in life.


At Trembath Dental we believe it’s important for children to have a broad understanding of dental health and hygiene. The team will educate children and their parents on how to maintain their dental health and hygiene.

This can include:

When children have these skills, it ensures they have a better start in their lifelong oral health journey.

To book your child in for a dental check-up, and to see if they require any potential dental treatment, contact our friendly team today.


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