Brushing Technique

Brushing Technique Mt Gravatt


Brushing is an effective way to remove built-up plaque. Plaque is a sticky biofilm filled with bad acid producing bacteria that cling to teeth. If plaque is left to build up it can cause irreversible tooth decay and even bone loss.

Besides removing harmful plaque, the fluoride in our toothpaste strengthens tooth enamel and makes your child’s teeth more resistant to decay.

Many parents think because their child’s baby teeth will fall out they don’t need to protect them; this cannot be further from the truth. Baby teeth, or primary teeth, not only assist young children with speech and chewing and swallowing, it also helps keep the space required for their permanent teeth to come through in correct alignment. If this space is not kept it can increase the risk of dental problems later in life.


Here are a few tips and tricks on how to adequately brush your child’s teeth:

  • Use a small-headed, soft-bristled toothbrush, and hold it with your fingers (not your fist) and squeeze on a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste
  • Hold the bristles gently on the outside of the top teeth, near the gum line at approximately 45-degrees
  • Brush gently back in circular motions softly over the teeth and gums
  • Ensure your brush reaches between the teeth and clean away food particles from the gum
  • Move the brush to the bottom teeth and repeat the above procedure until the front of the bottom teeth are cleaned
  • Move the brush to the inside of the top teeth by tilting the bristles up towards the gums and clean with gentle, but thorough strokes
  • Brush the inside of the bottom teeth and repeat the procedure
  • Now, clean the chewing surfaces, hold the brush bristles flat against the top molars and clean the ridges and depressions of the back teeth. Repeat for bottom and top teeth
  • Don’t forget to brush the tongue, this removes bacteria and freshens the breath

The team at Trembath Dental can sit with you and your child and ensure you are well versed in their oral health and hygiene. Contact us today to schedule in an appointment.


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