Root Canal Treatment in Mount Gravatt, QLD

man during root canal treatment in mount gravatt

Root canal treatment is probably the most feared dental procedure—and probably the most maligned. People usually associate a root canal with pain, but it is the pain of a toothache that sends people to the dentist. The root canal treatment itself will actually relieve toothache pain—and will likely save the tooth in the process.

Although many dentists refer root canal therapy to outside specialists, Dr Paul Trembath has been performing this tooth-saving procedure for many years. The success rates for root canal treatment are very high, and the tooth that’s treated is well equipped to last a lifetime.

If you wake up with a mild toothache that quickly becomes unbearable, we invite you to contact our Mount Gravatt, QLD dental clinic. Dr Trembath has a skilled, gentle touch and can provide root canal treatment that will help get rid of your toothache pain.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal procedure is the removal of a diseased or infected tooth pulp deep within the root of the tooth.

After completely numbing the area around the affected tooth, Dr Trembath will make a tiny hole in the tooth to clean out the tooth roots. These ‘canals’ are cleaned with special dental instruments and treated with an antibiotic paste. He will complete the procedure by sealing up the canals using a specific sealant to prevent bacteria from re-entering the canals. An untreated or partially treated infected root canal can become very painful—often without warning.

In most cases, the treated tooth will require a crown for added strength and protection.

image of root canal in mount gravatt QLD

How You May Be Able to Avoid A Root Canal 

It might surprise many people to know that the best way to try to avoid needing a root canal is by going to the dentist every six months for check-ups and cleans. A tooth that ultimately needs a root canal usually starts by developing a small cavity. In a routine dental visit, Dr Trembath would be able to spot the cavity in its early stages—often before it is even visible to the naked eye—and treat it with a run-of-the-mill dental filling.

But when dental appointments are put off for months, or even years, that small cavity will continue to grow. Eventually, if it is not treated, it allows bacteria to settle deep inside the tooth root, causing an infection. A root canal becomes the only treatment possible to save the tooth from needing extraction and to prevent the infection from spreading. What could have been a simple dental filling for a small cavity becomes a more invasive dental treatment.

Are You in Toothache Pain or Overdue for a Dental Check-Up?

Whether you are currently experiencing toothache or if you are simply overdue for a dental appointment, we welcome your call to our Brisbane dental practice. We warmly welcome new patients.