The Australian Government and The Australian Dental Association have been following the COVID-19 pandemic closely and provide dentists with updated information relating to protection, prevention, and operational guidelines. There are 5 levels of restrictions in total and we are currently on level 1. 

What is level 1 and how can my dentist provide oral health care?

Level 1 work restrictions enables dentists to complete routine and emergency dental treatment. All patients must be screened prior to their appointment and treatment postponed if they are unwell or if they have been in close contact with anyone suspected of or confirmed cases of Coronavirus, travelled interstate, travelled overseas or  travelled to any COVID-19 hotspots.

Dental Practices must follow the latest social distancing regulations as well. This means we are limited the number of patients in our surgery at any given time, therefore our appointment times have changed.

Trembath Dental has also taken further steps to ensure the safety of our staff, patients, and community by adding extra measures to our infection control and cleaning routine. We understand the risks associated with aerosols and will continue to take steps to ensure we minimise the risk of spreading Coronavirus.

What causes aerosols?

Aerosols are generated by compressed air and when mixed with water/saliva it can produce contaminated droplets. Aerosols can be produced through the use of our handpieces (drills & ultrasonic scalers), as well as coughing or sneezing to name a few. These aerosols can take hours to settle and are considered to increase the risk of spreading the Coronavirus. Whilst infection control measures are already highly performed in Trembath Dental and the prevention of viruses are considered in our infection control policies, the COVID-19 is extremely contagious and can be fatal to some, so increasing our already strict guidelines to protect our staff, our patients and community is definitely a priority for Trembath Dental and we embrace the increased infection control guidelines set by our governing bodies.  

Who should I contact if I need a dentist?

Let me reassure you, Trembath Dental will continue to be here for you as much as we can through this pandemic. We will continue to provide you with the highest level of care during level 1 restrictions. If you prefer to stay at home, we can provide personalised care via a telephone assessment (tele-dentistry) where advice can be provided to you without the need to attend our practice. If, however, treatment in unavoidable or further assessment required, we will need to arrange an appointment for you to come in.

What changes have Trembath Dental made to their infection control process?

Trembath dental will conduct a Health and Travel screening on all patients who attend our practice prior to arriving. Upon arrival you will be the only person to enter our practice (family and support staff will need to wait in the car) You will be asked to use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser and wash your hands. Once you enter the surgery you will be asked to conduct a pre-procedural mouth rinse. Upon completion you will be asked to use the alcohol-based hand sanitiser again. 

We are rotating between surgeries to ensure each surgery completes a full and thorough clean. After each patient we will also complete a full and thorough clean of the practice including the front desk, wait room and corridor.  We will ensure all measures are taken to keep our staff, our patients, and our community safe.

Our staff have also completed the government approved Infection Control Training COVID-19. We are well informed and trained for COVID-19 prevention.

We thank you for your understanding and support during these restrictions. We understand you may have questions to ask prior to visiting us and we are more than happy to take your phone calls or respond to your emails.

Stay Safe and continue to practice good oral hygiene.