Dental Bridges are a great option for missing teeth

Bridges are an aesthetically pleasing solution that look natural and discreet

Dental bridges are a type of dental restorative option that bridges the gap where one or more teeth are lost from the dental arch.

The gap left by a missing tooth can put more strain on the teeth either side. Your bite can also be affected because the teeth next to space can lean into the gap and change the way the upper and lower teeth bite down together. This can then lead to food getting packed into the gap, which can develop into tooth decay and gum disease.

Trembath Dental offers dental bridges to their patients who are experiencing tooth loss, damage or has difficulty eating or chewing.

Bridges may be used after a tooth is lost

A dental bridge, as the name suggests, is a ceramic structure that spans the gap left by a missing or extracted tooth. A bridge generally comprises three or more dental crowns that have been fused together to create a prosthetic appliance.

Trembath Dental will take an impression and a digital scan of your mouth to create a bridge that is an exact match for colour, feel, and shape of your natural teeth.

When a bridge is fitted, the adjacent teeth are filed down and prepared for the crowns to sit over the teeth to anchor the bridge and provide it with good support. Bridges are cemented in place so they are not removable; in order to keep your natural teeth, you must keep a good oral hygiene routine to prevent any build-up of bacteria.

Treatment required to replace a missing tooth varies from patient to patient

A dental bridge is used if you have one or more missing teeth as they re-establish the aesthetics of your smile by replacing the missing tooth with one that looks as natural as your original teeth.

Other than the aesthetic benefits of a dental bridge, this procedure can also improve lost or impaired speech, incorrect bites and create a stable chewing surface. Bridges also help to maintain the proper form of your jaw and to keep your face symmetrical.

By filling the spots where teeth are missing, it stops the adjacent teeth from shifting or drifting into the void left by the tooth which can set your whole bite out of whack.

Dental bridges at Trembath Dental

Dental bridges can generally last anywhere from 5-15 years but this varies from patient to patient and can depend on how well the bridge is cared for. With good oral care and regular check-ups at Trembath Dental, you can expect dental bridges to last over 10 years.

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